Workshop360 is a unique blended learning approach that incorporates the best of Distance Learning, Facilitated Instruction, On-The-Job Reinforcement, and maximizes the benefit of a trained workforce prepared to meet the challenges of a dynamic industry.

For Decision-Makers

Workshop360 is designed to provide YOU with:

For Trainees

Workshop360 is designed to provide YOU with:

What Workshop360 Includes:

The components of Workshop360 are specific to each training's objectives and company's needs, but are selected from:


How does Workshop360 work?

Prior to attending a classroom training session (or perhaps in place of a classroom session), you will be expected to review some pre-workshop reading material and complete some exercises. The focus of the pre-workshop activities are to familiarize yourself with the process, the instructor, the specific objectives of the seminar, and the expectations of how this training will improve performance.

After you have completed the pre-workshop materials, you will attend a classroom session to interact with others, practice skills, ask questions, receive feedback, etc. The classroom session will be focused on the behavioral aspects of the skills to be trained and providing one-on-one coaching, simulations, role plays and other activities designed to help you incorporate the new skills into your repertoire and integrate the training into your work behaviors.

After the classroom session, you will have opportunity to participate in post-classroom web-based activities to reinforce the skills, ask additional questions, participate in forums and discussions with other classmates, and receive further training to enhance skills.

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